new website

Hey it’s Kelsie, haven’t been on here in awhile. I don’t know if anyone looks at this website anymore but I made a new one. I won’t be deleting this one, but I will be posting new stuff HERE if ya wanna check it out!


Heads & Bodies!

Happy 4th of July Everyone! The heads and bodies i’m posting aren’t related to the current holiday, but at least they’re heads and bodies! I made a few of these bodies, and the rest were sent from a good friend named Sarah. If you would like any of these heads to blink, just comment. Remember To Give Credit! 🙂


FatPandaFemale PandaFemale.bowtie.bodyfemale.cape.and.bowtie.body


New Edits

As most of you can probably see, I’m not posting much anymore. I’ve been pretty busy with work and school-related stuff, and tomorrow is my BDAY 🙂 Lucky for me Destiny has been posting a lot which is great! I apologize about the lack of posts, so here are some to make up for it. These were heads I made for someone but she decided to give them away so I figured I’d post them for anyone else who wants them. Enjoy!

BTW, pretty sure the original was from Bella’s site. I just made them blink and recolored.



Dip Dye!

I noticed that we don’t have many ponytail heads on here, but I found a ponytail head file in my files and I tried dip dying! They turned out WAY better than I thought they would. For some reason I feel like I would like to have more credit for these than any other head I made. PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT!!! If you would like any other mix and match colors or if you want any to blink just comment. 🙂


Sorry! ):

No I’m not stopping gfx or quitting the site! (: I said sorry because the heads I’m posting have complicated color mixings and I could only make two recolors. I’m making more heads and possibly bodies later on this weekend! But these heads I edited from Sophie’s head! Give Me Credit for these heads! (:

Lucy EditLucy Edit[Blonde]


Hi it’s Destiny! This is just an old personal head I’m posting since I’ve been really busy with school, This weekend I’ll try making heads! In the mean time I will start watermarking my gfx since I have a few gfx stealers! This head already had my name on it, if you upload it PLEASE GIVE ME CREDIT! 🙂

Made some recolors of this cute head for you all! ~Kels


Male Heads =)

Finally some heads for you guys! This is an edit of one of the more common heads guys wear, I just changed the skin, eyes, and hair a bit. I made this for someone but since he never uses it I decided not to let it go to waste! The first one is the only one that blinks since that was the one to be uploaded. I made some with and without earrings. Hope you all guys like it and I will try to post more male heads! ~Kelsie

kels-headforshadz (1)kels-headforshadz (2)kels-headforshadz (3)kels-headforshadz (4)headforsheadfors1headfors2headfors3